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Welcome to Pixl Inc. (Pixlinc). I hope our site will become your source for everything you need in marketing. In these pages you will find information about Pixlinc products and services and how you can use marketing to build your sales.

As the founder of Pixl Inc. my goal is to provide world class marketing technology and solutions. My goal for Pixlinc is to present our offerings, help you understand marketing and how you can use Pixlinc to grow your business.

So I invite you to relax, spend a little time and learn how to get the most of your marketing dollars.


Something for Everyone

Let's start with a most basic fact of marketing life. When it comes to marketing there are two kinds of companies, those who produce their own marketing and those who don't. Either way Pixlinc has some really cool stuff for you.

For those of you who have a robust marketing department, we offer the bizApps™ Technology product line.
For those of you who need someone to produce your marketing for you, we offer the bizApps™ Solutions line of total marketing programs.


Better Marketing with bizApps™ Technology

With bizApps™ (bizApps) Technology your marketing department gains access to Pixlinc's world class marketing technologies. With these tools you can produce and deliver integrated multi-channel campaigns in half the time and for a fraction of the cost. With bizApps Technology you increase efficiency, reduce head count and cut marketing costs. You produce more campaigns, in less time, for less money and your campaigns produce more leads.


bizApps™ Total Marketing Solutions

For those of you who do not have your own marketing staff we offer bizApps marketing solutions. With bizApps Solutions we use our tools to produce and deliver your marketing for you.

We understand that you may not have the skills, the tools or the time to create your marketing. We have the marketing skills, we own the tools so why not let us spend our time producing and delivering your campaigns?

With bizApps Solutions we help you develop your message and identify your target audience. We then deliver your message on every media channel and to all devices. Your campaigns reach your audience no matter where they are and that generates the leads you need.


The bizApps Solutions Proposition

The bizApps Solutions business proposition is simple. You take care of your business; we take care of the marketing. We send you the leads and you convert them into sales.


“An educated consumer is our best customer”
So We're Offering Free Education

I believe the more you know about marketing the more you will appreciate the value Pixlinc offers. You can make better marketing decisions if you know how marketing works and what it can do for your business. You can get more bang for your buck if you understand the concepts behind well designed campaigns.



So I have asked my team to give away everything we know about marketing in the pages of our web site. Like the late great Sy Syms I know that “an educated consumer is our best customer”.

You might want to start with how you create marketing that produces results using the The Five Pillars of Marketing.

There are two ways to spend your marketing dollars, smart and foolish. The difference between the two hinges on the Four Key Requirements of marketing.

Most everything we acquire in life involves a choice between Best, Fast or Cheap. What's true in life is true in marketing. See how you can get very best of all Three Choices here.


In The Decision we show you why very large companies like Proctor and Gamble are so committed to constant marketing and how you can make it work for you. 


Did you know that Integrated Marketing has proven to increase response rates as much as 300%? But integrated marketing campaigns cost too much. See why and how we fixed this problem in Pixlinc Integrated Marketing.

If you have ever considered producing your own email marketing or building your own company web site I encourage you to check out our analysis of Do It Yourself Marketing in The DIY Fantasy.


Personalization, Segmentation and Mobile Marketing are three huge trends in the marketing industry. But there's a lot of mystery and confusion surrounding them. We take a hard look at these trends with our Theory of Monetary Hydrodynamics and Big Trends.

These pages are just the beginning. In the coming weeks and months we will continually add more free marketing information and tips.

Proof is in the Results



"First time, I got more than 300 hot leads for my insurance business…"   - Jacqueline Bell

"Through Officer Campaigner I found nearly 1100 interested leads with 150 instant hot leads turning into real business!" - Carolyn Scott, Current Capital Management

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Thank you for visiting, I hope you become a regular guest at We look forward to helping you solve all your marketing problems with bizApps Solutions and bizApps Technology. And please let me know if there is any marketing related topic you would like us to address.



We are here to help you - Ajay Sagar

Ajay Sagar, Founder
Pixl Inc.


PS: bizApps has replaced Officer Apps.