Officer® Apps FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Officer Apps?

Officer Apps is a collection of applications existing under the Officer® (Officer) software. Officer is an enterprise wide task management system providing industry independent platform for conducting business economically and timely via intelligent automation. Officer provides a multitude of business applications, such as e-commerce, e-business and e-collaboration, in an integrated platform on a corporate level. It covers almost all communication channels to maximize your outreach effectively.

Officer Campaigner and Officer Mailer are applications within OfficerApps.

Regardless of which Officer application you start with, you can add on applications as your needs grow. Since the applications are seamlessly integrated, the add-on costs are negligible and your existing applications remain intact, preserving your investment.

Which application fits my requirements?

Both Officer Mailer and Officer Campaigner applications send the emails for you. If you are equipped with creating a message, have a contact list in place, but need a communication server to send the emails to avoid getting blocked or black listed, then you need Officer Mailer. If you have no infrastucture set up and need an application to help you reach out to your prospects, then you need Officer Campaigner.

Officer Campaigner is a smart multifaceted marketing application that 
helps you retain and increase your prospect base, grow direct sales, resulting in higher revenues. In addition to reaching out by Emails, it builds opt-in prospects by putting you in front of billions over electronic and print media. It generates leads by capturing real time tracking of prospects' actions and inquiries. Leads generate leads, resulting in viral marketing. Information collected through all these channels is funneled through single source reporting, providing unmatched business intelligence. Based upon the business intelligence you receive, you can categorize and segment the recipients using their interest level and appropriately respond. Built in CRM features facilitate this communication and help you close the deal faster.

How can I obtain detailed information about individual applications in order to determine the right fit for my needs?

  Each application is listed under the Officer Apps menu.  You can click the application link to view specific information. You can also access the FAQ section under the application of interest.

Do I need multiple logins, if I subscribe to multiple applications?

  No. With one login account, you can access all subscribed applications.

Can I add applications at any time?


What do I need to start using Officer Apps?

  Just sign up and you are ready to go.

Can I reach out to my prospects in other countries via officer apps?

  Yes. Prospects can reside in any part of the world.