Tours & Travel

We have solutions for booking sites, resorts, travel agencies, airlines, hotels, and any other business in the hospitality industry.

Even though the travel industry has gone through a lot of change, one thing remains the same. The guests still want that personal touch. The more the personal touches are geared towards their likes and dislikes, the more warm and fuzzy feeling transpires to the guest.
You no longer can depend on the conventional model where you would meet the guest, give them a few choices and have them pick what they would like. You need to adapt innovative, effective and economical ways to do personalization that will drive more business.

Are you ready to take up this challenge?

  • Do you have the ability to target your ideal guest?
  • Do you have the ability to get in front of the guests and throw your deals before they are on the lookout?
  • Do you have the ability to put your promotions on your guests’ devices like their phones and tablets?
  • Do you have the ability to personalize your deals, giving the guests a few choices, suiting their likes and wants?
  • Do you have the ability to know what they like and what they are looking for?
  • Do you have the ability to follow up from any where at any time when the guests show an interest in your offers?
  • Do you have the ability to capture trends for focused targeting?

Yes, you do with next generation marketing solutions from Pixl Inc. Our solutions are proven to produce response rates as high as 42%, can cost around a 5th of conventional cost, are easily adaptable and need no installation.

Our integrated marketing platform:

  • markets your promotions, deals, and ads on every delivery channel known to man today. Reach your guests where they hangout - their cell phones, emails, social media, web sites, blog pages, newspapers, and radio along with multiple online channels. With our location based marketing, entice your guests when they happen to be nearby.
  • shows campaign results in real time. Know which promotion the guest wants and how much they would pay before they go shopping.
  • discerns which guests are serious “hot leads” and which are not.
  • pushes these hot leads straight to your sales person's cell phone to bring the guest to you and leverage your biggest asset.
  • hones your marketing engines based on the trends and guest’s preferences.
  • facilitates inviting guests to events, conferences, meetings and more.

You can be first in their minds at the critical point that they make up their mind about their destination. Successfully enticing that guest gives you a tremendous advantage in swaying their decision.

In the end every guest wants to be treated like royalty. That critical fact can put you in the driver’s seat in closing sales, if you can successfully leverage your key asset.