Officer® Apps Mobile

Launch Your Promotions on Officer Apps (OA) Mobile
World’s First Mobile App in its Class

People spend countless hours on their cell phones. Imagine the difference it would make to your bottom line, if they see your promotions on their phones. To top it off, you will know what they looked at and what they are looking for, so you can quickly follow up.

What would you need to make it happen?

We made it so simple that it can happen for you today.

Introducing Officer® Apps (OA) Mobile, the world’s first app that can launch promotions for your business.

You don’t have to spend millions in developing, hosting and maintaining your mobile apps – just hop onto OA Mobile. Whether you are looking to launch promotions, deals, news, entertainment, events, jobs, coupons or anything else, you can use OA Mobile.

OA Mobile is the only app that lets you:

  • Push 1 to 1 targeted advertising
  • Deliver personalized messaging

Any business, regardless of its size, type, or location, can take advantage of OA Mobile. It does not matter if you are in retail, entertainment, media, healthcare, travel, non-profit, or a government business – you can use OA Mobile to achieve your goals.

Benefits to Businesses

No need to have your own app created, pay for hosting and maintenance. Just hop onto our app and get your offers to the consumers. With our app, you will get intelligence about who is looking at your offers. If some one has an inquiry, you well get that too. We make it easy for you to follow up. The consumers can refer friends and also share your offers on their social media, producing a viral effect.

  • Increase your presence in the mobile world
  • Beat your competition
  • Slash your marketing cost
  • Grow your customer base
  • No headaches, no mess, just subscribe to our app and you are all set to go

Benefits to Consumers

No need to install multiple apps. In one app you get offers from multiple vendors. You will only receive offers from a vendor if you have opted in. Each vendor must be opted in separately. You can unsubscribe any vendor at anytime and even opt back in later.

OA Mobile is an extension of our unified platform. It is tightly integrated with Officer Campaigner, our marketing & sales automation app, Officer Events and other applications. You can continue using emails, social media and all other delivery channels along with OA Mobile and it all works together seamlessly.