Officer® Events

Today’s attendees spend countless hours on their cell phones and tablets. If you want to get their attention that is where you need to be. You can no longer just depend on the traditional model focused on print and television media. You need to adapt innovative, effective and economical ways to advertise and drive more business.

Reach today’s attendee with today’s events management technology from Officer Events (OE). Retain and increase your prospect base, grow direct sales, resulting in higher revenues. OE requires no software, no installation, and no additional IT equipment and is perfect fit for any business and anywhere trying to achieve more with less.

Entire digital events marketing, including mobile, business intelligence and CRM are integrated within OE. An out of a box application, OE:

  • markets your events, conferences, meetings and more on every delivery channel known to man today. Reach your attendees where they hangout - their cell phones, emails, social media, web sites, blog pages, newspapers, and radio along with multiple online channels. With our location based marketing, entice your attendees when they happen to be nearby.
  • shows event registration results in real time. Know which events the attendees want.
  • discerns which attendees are serious “hot leads” and which are not.
  • pushes these hot leads straight to your sales person's cell phone to bring the attendee to you and leverage your biggest asset.
  • hones your events marketing engines based on the trends and attendee’s preferences.
  • facilitates inviting attendees to events, conferences, meetings and more. 

Here are some of our discriminators that out-perform the competition:

Events Management

  1. Send out event invites
  2. Register attendees for events
  3. Allows attendees to withdraw
  4. Send out event registration and event withdrawal notifications
  5. Location directions provided to attendees
  6. Supports only free events at this time

Build opt-in attendees from any of the following channels

  1. Reach out to attendees via mobile app, email and build opt-ins from referrals and social media shares
  2. Integration with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter allows you and recipients of your emails to post and share your events to the connections, friends and followers just by pushing a button. You may also post on any other electronic media including Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc.
  3. Sign-up forms, text messaging, and search engines
  4. Print media such as business cards, direct mail, advertising, flyers & more.
  5. Referrals and social media features help convert friends, connections, groups and followers of your contacts into solidified leads.
  6. Whether you have your contacts on social media sites, outlook, or data files, Officer Events helps contact them all. We import data from Excel, CSV and text files. Our data import includes advanced features such as column skipping, varying separators and duplicate data elimination.

Business Intelligence

As your prospects act on your emails, you get instant and real time reporting that helps you in qualifying, ranking and prioritizing your leads:

  1. Current month's snapshot that includes side by side view of mobile app, email delivery, overall performance and summary of each event
  2. Detailed statistics of email delivery including the cause of each failing email
  3. Trend analysis for side by side comparison of the effectiveness of events
  4. Detailed view of prospect's inquiry, interest level, email delivery status, page visit counts, referrals, time of most recent visit, number of times and the last time a prospect was contacted. It also shows the unsubscribe status and reason for unsubscribing


Using the built-in CRM features and list segmentation, you can have a focused response, helping you sell the events faster.

Language Translators so you can talk to everybody in their language

Drip Marketing / Auto Responders

Schedule the events to be sent at pre-determined time intervals, but any new prospects are contacted immediately

Automatically excludes the bounced emails from future events

Has complete compliance with CAN SPAM act, provides subscribe and unsubscribe management

Email message building includes pre-built templates, audios, videos, spam check analysis, and HTML source editing

Ability to modify the content of your event links even after the events have been sent

Helping you promote your branding, OE is the domino effect in marketing and sales.


Some of the features that make OE an outstanding application:

Events Management

  1. Send out event invites
  2. Register / Withdraw for events
  3. Send out event notifications

Business Intelligence / Decision Support

  1. Convert prospects into attendees, re-engineer and re-strategize your events via the multidimensional decision support capability provided by the real time collection of business intelligence
  2. Ad-hoc reporting
  3. Current month's snapshot statistics include email delivery, overall counts and counts for individual events
  4. Analyze trends - compare events side-by-side
  5. LinkedIn and Facebook likes and comments reporting
  6. Reporting down to the prospect level - track how many times prospects opened their email, visited the event package link, which event package page links they clicked, what inquiry they made, how many friends they referred, who unsubscribed and why
  7. Last time a prospect visited or opened the email
  8. Last time a prospect was contacted and number of times
  9. Reporting down to friends level – the friends become part of the tracking as well
  10. Make smart decisions - Immediately know the answer to who, when, why, what, and how

Building opt-in prospects

Hooks for reaching out to new prospects


  1. Launch events on social media sites (integrated with LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter)
  2. Launch your events to your groups, connections, and followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  3. Launch events via signup forms
  4. Launch events via text messaging
  5. Your prospects and their friends launch your events to their connections, groups, and followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  6. Anyone viewing your events on social media sites or on text messaging can post your events to their connections, groups and followers


  1. Makes any print media such as your business cards, flyers, advertising, direct mail, dynamic with ever changing QR codes
  2. Anyone viewing your events via print media can post your events to their connections, groups, and followers
  3. Automatic generation of event based QR codes - unlimited


Collection of contact information from the hooks

  1. Collect Name and Email addresses of any one viewing your events via any of the hook methods. We are the only company that can get you the name and email addresses of interested parties from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and then complete the business process until the deal is closed
  2. Collect Name and Email addresses of friends referred by your prospects

Sending event emails to opt-in prospects

Auto responders send out the corresponding email events to friends and opt-in prospects

Event management

  1. Event Setup Wizard, a step-by-step easy to use intelligent workflow for building events
  2. Dynamic web links
  3. YouTube videos
  4. Customizable page navigation tabs. The tab section can be located at the left, right, top or bottom of the event package or squeeze page links.
  5. Option to include forwarding to friends
  6. Maps integration for directions
  7. Multiple lists for sending events
  8. Event description for launching on social media sites
  9. Drip marketing includes running a event immediately and on pre-determined schedules - no limit

Customer Relationship Management

  1. Keep contact information of your prospects from around the world
  2. Ability to send personalized and customized follow up emails
  3. Tracking of prospect inquiries
  4. Prospect categorization and list segmentation based upon interest level
  5. Event based tracking segmented by prospect interest level and / or actions
  6. Subscribe / unsubscribe management
  7. List building
  8. Variety of search criteria to narrow down your prospects
  9. Tracking of prospect in lists and events. This also includes when they were last contacted and how many times they were contacted for a event
  10. Adding / removing a prospect from a list and / or events

Message creation

  1. Knowledge of HTML not required
  2. Language Translators
  3. WYSIWYG message editor includes intuitive HTML formatting tool to incorporate styling, coloring, fonts, hyperlinks, layering, captions, citations, and more
  4. Customize with drag-and-drop images, re-size pictures, emotions, custom characters, scientific notation, text direction, guidelines, and borders
  5. Copy directly from word files – the format remains intact
  6. Add tables, define sizing, spacing, padding, and borders
  7. Reveal embedded codes
  8. Perfect your message by toggling between HTML and design views
  9. Preview the message - see what your prospects will see
  10. Spam analysis and scoring – Run the spam checker and fix the flagged areas on the message
  11. Test email – Get a complete view of the event. See how the message looks in the email, how the Event Package appears, check all parts of the event package before sending
  12. Maintain total control of your Event Package. The package can be edited even after the emails have been sent
  13. Create plain text messages to support slower Internet speeds or images turned off in the browser
  14. Includes audios and a variety of video formats
  15. Build messages from scratch, custom built templates or pre-built templates

List management

List Building:

  1. Import lists from Excel, CSV or text files.
  2. Provision for column skipping
  3. Customize data templates for ultimate flexibility in importing lists
  4. Validate data import – Accept or reject data depending on its correctness
  5. Add data into the list, one-at-a-time
  6. Tell-a-friend – Friends automatically added to list
  7. Add and store unlimited lists
  8. Duplicate data elimination

List Cleanup:

  1. Intelligent unsubscribe includes automatic removal from the list
  2. Failed email handling includes automatic removal from the list
  3. Automatic duplication prevention
  4. Ability to build multiple lists from a data set

List Segmentation:

  1. Build lists based on demographics or a multitude of other search criteria
  2. Combine, recombine the lists
  3. Action based data slicing
  4. Segment lists by prospects actions, including clicks, interest, referrals, inquiry, and unsubscribe
  5. Exporting lists
  6. Deleting lists
  7. Adding to / deleting from a list
  8. Subtracting list from another list

Unsubscribe management

  1. Complete compliance with CAN SPAM act
  2. Intelligent unsubscribe and subscribe management
  3. Integration with Emails and Mobile App

Mobile App delivery

  1. High delivery rate
  2. Real-time statistics - tabular and graphical format
  3. Detailed reporting

Email delivery

  1. High delivery rate - our servers use techniques such as dkim, SPF, throttling, and maintain a high sender score
  2. Real-time Email statistics - tabular and graphical format
  3. Track sent, successful, bounced, deferred emails and the failure reason
  4. Detailed reporting for all failed emails
  5. CAN-SPAM Act compliant
  6. Its all about you - we don't put our logo on the bottom of your emails
  7. Automatic exclusion of bounced emails from your future emails or events

Online Help

  1. Online documentation, tutorials and video tutorials
  2. Technical Support