Officer® Mailer

Are you facing email bounces? Is your email server getting blacklisted or blocked even when you are sending legitimate non-spam emails to your customers or clients? If your answer to any of these is YES, you need Officer® (Officer) Mailer.

Officer Mailer (OM) is a global outgoing SMTP mail service that overcomes these problems and delivers emails as reliably as possible. We constantly monitor our servers for problems and make sure we are not on any blacklists. We also provide email hosting for managing your entire email traffic. Officer mailer has built in spam detection and anti virus protection.

Setup is easy. Simply point your bulk email applications at our server and send out thousands or millions of emails. You can send emails from your own email address or domain and from any device set up for sending emails, including mobile/cell phone, iPhone, PDA, notebook etc. Our service supports all types of internet connectivity such as 4G/ 3G/ mobile broadband, datacard as well as Wi-Fi hotspots. If you do not have an email address or domain, we can set that up for you. Not sure what you are looking for? We will analyze your infrastructure and recommend custom built solutions to fit your needs.

We provide an online account that gives you real-time statistical reporting for the status of your email delivery. We provide the cause for each failure so you can remove the failing emails from your list and reduce cost. As an added benefit, Officer Mailer comes with an email address that you can use for receiving and sending emails. You can manage your entire email traffic through Officer Mailer, thus eliminating the need for any other email account.


Email Setup

  • Free email address provided for receiving and sending out Emails
  • Manage your entire email traffic online via a single user interface
  • No special software, hardware or equipment required
  • Multiple sending email addresses
  • Support for vast majority of Internet connections including most broadband, corporate networks and mobile Internet connections.
  • Compatible with most of the email programs / applications that support SMTP authentication.
  • Built-in spam detection and anti virus protection.
  • The emails are sent from our servers, not from yours. Your servers are not exposed.
  • Send out thousands or millions of emails from any device including mobile

Email delivery

  • High delivery rate - our servers use techniques such as dkim, SPF, throttling, and maintain a high sender score
  • Real-time Email statistics - tabular and graphical format
  • Track sent, successful, bounced, deferred emails and the failure reason
  • Built in spam detection and anti virus protection

Business Intelligence / Decision Support

  • Monitor your email traffic by time frame and sending email
  • Remove failing emails from your list and reduce cost – Complete email failure reporting